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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

FAFSA Preparation Tips

FAFSA is the Free Application For Federal Student Aid. Being well prepared for your FAFSA application will help save you time, ease your frustration and help you succeed with a smooth application process. Here are some important tips help you prepare for your FAFSA application.

1) Download a Free Guide
There is a lot of useful information online to assist you when doing a FAFSA. Use a free guide to get Step by Step Instructions on FAFSA, grants and other financial aid. The government Dept. of Education website is a useful resource with lots of information on student aid too.

2) Check your Eligibility for Aid
You can determine the eligibility by visiting the Government's Federal Student Aid Eligibility FAQ.

3) Get Your Document's In Order
This is very important. Having all your required documents handy before you begin the application will definitely ease the application process. You will need your driver's license, tax returns, Social Security Number, bank statements and investment records or any other documents you know you will need.

4) Print out the FAFSA Worksheet.
Get your FAFSA worksheet.

5) Get your FAFSA PIN (Personal Identification Number)
The most effective way to sign your FAFSA is to get your FAFSA PIN (Personal Identification Number) and sign electronically with this PIN. Alternatively, you can mail in the signature page.

6) Sign Electronically
You will speed up the process by signing your FAFSA electronically with your PIN and your parents can sign electronically too.

7) Do Not be Late!

Apply For your FAFSA Early!

Federal and State deadlines may differ. Be sure to review the federal and state deadlines for your application. Late applications will not be processed and by applying early you give yourself the time to complete any changes or requests for further information prior to the FAFSA deadlines.

Instantly download a free guide that provides step by step instructions for your FAFSA. Get all the information on eligible schools and FAFSA Deadlines as well as detailed information on thousands of top US colleges and schools right at your finger tips.